Sunday, November 16, 2014

Few Words, Big Attitude

Look how big!!! 
Long time no...yadda yadda.


So.....where were we? Oh, Yeah...

Liam started daycare in August. We LOVED our private sitter, but with our speech concerns we thought that a daycare may help. Also, it is super close to our home and my work. (And, as you's really all about me.)

Choosing a daycare setting was an easy choice for us. The daycare that Liam attends is also at our church, so that is nice. I grew up working in a daycare center. My mother has been a daycare director for as long as I can remember (she still is, but in another city). I have no "qualms" with the daycare some people do.

Liam had no trouble adjusting to the setting. (That is a HUGE lie.) He didn't cry when I dropped him off, and well...that is pretty much all of the positive.

Turns out, Liam is a bully. Yes. My child, the ONE year old in the TWO year old class, is a meanie. Remember that temper tantrum form the doctor's office...well, he had some for the daycare too. Not to mention  a whole ordeal with biting, hitting, and scratching (teachers...and other kids). =( 

I was pretty much mortified. 

After several weeks of "incident reports" from the daycare and some extremely stressful tantrums at home, I went on a quest for help. Now, I realize that toddler tantrums are normal, but these were injury inducing, body convulsing,  i-hate-the-world tantrums. Most often they ended with Liam in the play pen and me crying in the corner. These were not normal.

I sought out an Early Intervention organization (Early Steps). I felt that these tantrums were coming from a deep place of frustration. That frustration...probably stemming from not being able to talk. 

Just a few weeks ago Liam received a complete developmental evaluation.

After about two hours of working with a speech therapist and an Infant & Toddler developmental Specialist he was diagnosed as Developmentally Delayed. His deficiencies lie in communication and cognitive skills. Now, this might scare some folks, but not me. I actually welcomed a "diagnosis." Now that we know what is going on -- we can address it.

Liam will start developmental and speech therapy this week. I am hoping that with some guidance we can help him develop in his weak areas and finally feel comfortable in this big world that he is a part of!

The evolution of a Liam tantrum...

All because I warmed up his milk...because he wanted me too.

When Liam wants something, you will know it! You just might not know what the "something" is that he actually wants. 
Every day is an adventure...and we love it!

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