Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shots Anyone??

Well, yesterday we saw the baby's heartbeat again and it looked perfect! It started off a little scary but turned out ok...

At first the doctor said the baby measured a little small (the same thing happened last time but I didn't share it). But she kept working to get a good view and sure enough she got the exact measurement for my gestation. (Sigh of relief!!!) At the end she let me hear the heartbeat and said it was perfect!! When I heard the heart beat my eyes flooded with tears - we have waited so long to hear that precious sound!! My husband couldn't be there because he had a "call out" at work, so I was by myself. I was a little sad that he didn't get to hear the heartbeat, but I was really glad that I did :).

Just as I was about to leave I decided to tell the doctor about a bruise that I had from my nightly PIO (progesterone in oil) injections. It was really painful so I just thought (at the last minute) I should tell her. As soon as she saw it she literally yelled "Oh, My God!!!" She then proceed to tell me that I had more than just  a bruise - I had an infection in my skin called cellulitis. Apparently, it is very serious. She immediately ran out of the room and came back with a prescription for an antibiotic (that is safe to take during pregnancy). Apparently word got around because before I could leave another doctor stopped me in the hallway and asked to see it, "I heard it was terrible!" she said. (Great - I'm now the girl with cellulitis on her butt cheek!)

The infection is caused by germs finding their way under my skin during one of my injections. I really thought I was being so careful. But, they said it was common in a situation when you have to do consecutive injections for so long (2 months now). So since I have this 'issue" on the area where I am supposed to do the injections, I had to find a new injection site. Dr. S showed me how to do the injections in my thigh, which I was glad about because I could do that myself and would not need help. Boy was I wrong!!

I woke up this morning (after my thigh injection last night) and I could barely walk. My leg is so sore. You see, this medicine is in the form of an oil that you have to inject into your muscle. Sometimes the medicine forms a hard knot inside the muscle and makes it very sore. I have tried everything  to avoid the knots. I massage the area, I apply a heat pad after the injection...but I still get the knots and oh....the soreness!!!! I am currently just laying on the couch, but when I do try to  walk it is not a pretty site!!

On the upside, I am not really feeling too queasy. Just a little here and there. I guess God is sparing me from the morning sickness so I can deal with the butt cheek infection and the bum leg!

Again, I want to stress that I am NOT complaining about anything. I am just filling you in. I am so happy to be in this place right now. Even with a throbbing leg and a infected skin...I still have a perfectly healthy baby inside me with a perfectly beating heart - and that is exactly what I prayed for!!!!

My prayer today:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this amazing blessing! Thank you for allowing me to be a mother once more. I am so grateful for this gift!

Please continue to bless this pregnancy. Keep our baby strong and healthy. Please heal this infection and take away the pain that I have in my leg. Please keep your hand upon me and see this pregnancy through until the end.

Thank you for blessing us!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Perfect Heartbeat!

Yesterday was a glorious day!!!

We got to see our baby's heart...beating perfectly! I was nervous but not scared. I knew everything was going to be ok, but it is so nice to see it with my own eyes!

And, yes it looks like there is only one. Which is fine with us. At this point I will take whatever God gives and one perfectly beating heart is just fine!

I am starting to have a little morning/day sickness. But - I will not complain about it! I praise the Lord every time  I feel like I am going to be sick - weird, but that is just how happy I am to be in this place!!!!

God is so good!!!!!!!