Monday, August 27, 2012

It's a...Miracle!

Today was the most amazing day!!

We got to see our Snow Pea today and finally give HIM a name! Yep, this snow pea is a BOY!!! We are so thrilled. I just can't describe the happiness I feel.

Since I found out I was pregnant the question has been, "what do you think it is" or "what do you hope it is?" The truth is, I just wanted a baby! I prayed for a baby and that is what God gave me...the rest just didn't matter to me.

I will admit that I found myself browsing the "girl stuff" a little bit more often, but I think that is just because it was new and different. I have had a girl name picked out since I was 23 and truly, I do hope I get to use it one day (even if it is for a puppy or something). But, from the moment that she said "It's a boy!" I was in love with having another son.

I think it will be amazing for our almost 10 year old to have a baby brother. I love the fact that I get to pull out my old baby clothes (yes, I've kept them for 10 years in hopes of this day!!) and put them on the new baby while remembering when my first born wore the same outfits.

A girl would have been just as wonderful...but I am perfectly happy with my baby boy!

No matter this baby's gender - it's a miracle either way! This baby was thought impossible by many people, even some doctors...but God had a different plan. Giving us another son was also part of that plan.

I just can't describe the JOY I feel. I love that I am going to have another boy!!!

As far as health goes...he is perfect! He had all of his parts and his heart and bones all looked wonderful! We are so blessed and amazed by this miracle!!!

We got to bring our 10 year old with us to this appointment. He was in love with the fact that he got to "see" his baby brother. We could have sat there all day and watched him wiggle around in my tummy!

I am so blessed...and looks like I am going to be the only princess in this house for awhile...and I'm ok with that!!!