Friday, October 28, 2011

Short and Sweet

First things my last blog entry I mentioned that I had "13 baby eggs up in my uterus" what I meant was...I have 13 eggs up in my ovaries - I have not reached my transfer yet and ABSOLUTELY did not implant 13 eggs!!! OMG - sorry about that!!

Also - not sure why the font was so crazy...I just type and I am not really sure about the rest!

Anyway - went to the doctor again today and things are looking really good! I feel good and I am very hopeful that this is going to happen. I have a peace about the whole thing no matter what! I know that God will direct us no matter how thing send up if we end up with a baby then my heart will be overjoyed if we don't I know that God will lead us to one somehow.

I know that God has a baby for us - I feel like we are on the right path to finding that baby. It seems that the doors are opening and things are just falling into place...which is kind of familiar. I think I may have felt this way last time too - but obviously it was not meant to be then. I don't know why but it was not our time. Maybe now is!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Well here we are…same situation…new blog entry!

But there have been a few changes since we last met. First of all, we started another cycle of IVF (yeah, I know…that’s kind of big news). I seriously did not think I would want to do IVF again, but after meeting with our IVF doctor things just kind of fell into place.

Let me explain…

We met with our doctor back in June (I think) he explained that he really thought we should try IVF again – he said there are NO REASONS why we can’t get pregnant using IVF. I really trust him and it sounded good, but I knew there was no way we could afford to do another cycle. That’s when the miracles started happening…

First, the doctor offered to do our IVF cycle at a VERY reduced rate!! I mean really reduced!! That was a huge relief - but having gone down this road once before I knew that the actual cycle cost is only half of the whole IVF cost. Even with the reduced price we could never afford all of the medicines. Last time our medicines alone cost more than $4,000.00!!! So we said we would think about it and get back to them.

A few days later the nurse called with some AMAZING news. She explained our situation to one of the drug reps and ended up getting ALL of my injectibles donated…all of them!!! I was stoked but still felt like there must be a catch in there somewhere. I still needed to work on gathering up the money for the doctor’s office so we scheduled the IVF start date for a few months later.

A Few months later…

Here we are with some FREE (yes I said FREE) meds and 13 little baby eggs up in my uterus!! Things have just fallen into place. We were able to come up with the money that we needed to start the cycle. My husband is feeling great and is actually able to be a part of this whole crazy process (he might wish he were still sick on some days).

I went to the doctor today and things are RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! I have only had two hot flashes and have cried only like 17 times – things are awesome! I did eat a half of a bag of Doritos (we were out of Cheetos) but I am just counting that as a bonus!

Oh – and the best news of this whole business so far is that when I got weighed at my first visit I weighed 10 pounds LESS than last time!! Whoo-Hoo!! (But – that was before the Doritos…dang-it!)

So things are looking good! I feel really good about this (although I am pretty sure I felt good about the last one too). My life is in a really good place right now. My family is healthy and we just feel that God has directed our path up to this point. I just pray that he continues to direct it…hopefully right into the doors of the delivery room!!